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University Destinations

Nearly all Harrovians move on to university on completion of their A levels. Many boys progress directly to university, while others choose to have a gap year first.

The range of Harrovians' university destinations is becoming broader, both in terms of UK institutions and courses, and overseas applications arising from their increasingly global perspective. American universities, in particular, continue to feature prominently, with many boys attracted by the Liberal Arts model and the high quality and range of campus facilities on offer. European universities are also becoming increasingly popular, along with more distant destinations such as Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. No matter the country or the institution, what is certainly true is that Harrovians routinely progress into higher education that ranks among the best the world has to offer.

2021 Highlights

  • More than 40 Harrovians will take up places at a world top 10 university (QS World University Rankings)
  • Boys have secured places at five of the eight Ivy League schools and nearly 30 Harrovians will take up places at North American universities including Harvard, Yale, Brown, UChicago and NYU
  • Most of the year-group will attend one of the QS world top 100 universities including Durham, Northwestern, UC Berkeley, King's College London, Brown, LSE, NYU and St Andrews.

Nearly one third of Harrovians will take up places ranked in the world’s top 20 institutions, including Imperial, UPenn, and Columbia. The most common university destinations in 2021 were UCL (16), Edinburgh (15), Durham (11), Bristol (9), Oxford (7), Imperial (7) and Cambridge (7).