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Why Harrow Needs Your Support

The culture of giving, at Harrow, is as old as the School itself.

Indeed, we owe our very foundation to the generosity and foresight of John Lyon, 1534 - 1592. A respected yeoman farmer and a considerable philanthropist, John Lyon paved the way for a tradition of giving and giving back to the School, that has, quite literally, shaped the School that exists today.

Without your generosity, Harrow could not have survived to become the world-class school it is today. 

The endowment that John Lyon left the School was never sufficient to fund capital projects. Almost every building you see on the Hill, as well as the playing fields, has been paid for by gifts from Old Harrovians, parents, beaks and friends of the School. From the building of Old Schools in 1615 to the conversion of the sports fields in the 2000s, Harrow's development has been a constant and philanthropic process.

We are committed to continually growing our Scholarships and Bursaries Fund.

As well as an ongoing commitment to improving the School's facilities, we are also committed to providing life-changing opportunities, through financial support, to a large number of boys who would benefit from the Harrow education and experience. One of the most successful of these is the Peter Beckwith Scholarship scheme which has entered its 25th year.

Harrow School's Giants of Old were created in these buildings and will be in the future.

To ensure that Harrow continues to shape great men within its walls and grounds we have a duty to keep this rich culture of giving alive. We are on the brink of beginning a major new renovation and construction project to include new state-of-the-art facilities for Chemistry and Biology and a superb new Sports Centre, all within a transformative landscaping scheme. These leading-edge development projects would not be possible without your continuous support.

Not only do these development projects and programmes improve the fabric and facilities of the School, but they enrich the life and education of the boy. This would not be possible without the great generosity of our benefactors, to whom we extend our profound thanks.

Jim Glover (Rendalls 1978³)