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Harrow 450

Looking ahead to the 450th anniversary of Harrow’s foundation in 2022, the Governors have set an ambitious development programme for the School - Harrow 450.

This ambition will see considerable investment in our bursaries and buildings as well as the preservation of our key historic buildings and innovation in learning and scholarship. In keeping with John Lyon’s original vision, Harrow 450 will deliver a significant social impact, not just through our bursaries but also through strengthening authentic partnerships with the local community, benefitting thousands of young people in North London and further afield. 

Looking forward

Over the next five years, the Harrow Development Trust aims to raise over £100m to help fund the following projects:

Transforming lives

John Lyon founded the School in 1572, with a clear vision to provide a free education for 30 boys with limited financial means from the parish of Harrow on the Hill. The School’s bursary provision remains guided by this principle in enabling talented boys to benefit from a holistic education at Harrow.

Over the next ten years, the School aims to significantly increase the opportunities for boys requiring financial assistance to come to Harrow. We plan to provide many more full-fee awards for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, while also making the Harrow fee affordable for a much wider range of families. 

Our aim, in the short term, is to increase our bursary funding by a further £20m increasing the percentage of boys in receipt of means-tested support from 10% to 30%.

Building for the future 

Throughout Harrow’s history, transformative construction projects have ensured the margin of excellence that distinguishes a Harrow education.  The need for inspiring building environments for Harrovians is as important today as it has been for the last 450 years.

Foremost amongst the School’s priorities is the refurbishment of the Shepherd Churchill Dining Hall, and the construction of a new state-of-the-art science facility providing an inspiring learning environment for Biology and Chemistry.

Later phases include a new Sports building, and a scheme providing safer, more direct thoroughfares across the east side of the Hill, shifting the pupil centre away from the busy High Street. 



The Old Schools project presents a timely opportunity to combine the very best of Harrow’s heritage and history with ground-breaking research and the teaching practices.

Old Schools, the original Harrow School building constructed in 1615, now requires attention. In addition to a general external and internal refurbishment, the existing Old Armoury room is set to be repurposed as a state-of-the-art Teaching, AI and Learning Hub. This space will be used for experimental teaching practices, including the use of AI, teacher training and research and boys' independent study - a exciting fusion of the ancient and modern. 

In addition, the School has a rolling programme of renovations to modernise each of our boarding houses on the Hill. Over the next 30 years every House will receive a major refurbishment, bringing a number of our traditional boarding Houses into the 21st century, to meet the demands of modern-day boarding.