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Churchill Places

Churchill Places

As part of the School’s 450th anniversary celebrations, we are launching a new bursary scheme in honour of one of Harrow’s most eminent Giant’s of Old, Sir Winston Churchill (The Head Master's 18882), former Prime Minister of the UK, army officer and Nobel Prize winning writer and orator.

This scheme will provide a life-changing Harrow education to boys requiring financial assistance, who demonstrate the characteristics of personal courage, wide-ranging thinking and a global outlook.

Over the next ten years, the School aims to increase significantly the opportunities for boys requiring financial assistance to come to Harrow. By 2025, the aim is to have 30% of boys on awards averaging 50% of the fees while greatly increasing the number of high-level bursaries.

Over the next five years, the Harrow Development Trust aims to raise a £10m fund to expand the number of Churchill Places we can award every year.

Churchill Places will place character alongside academic and co-curricular excellence as a criterion for being awarded a bursary at Harrow. Awards may be made to boys in Year 7, 9 and 11 from a range of social-economic backgrounds, and are supported by a dedicated Access Advisor. The Access Advisor will develop relationships with local partner schools in the Borough of Harrow, and more widely throughout the UK, to identify potential candidates, and to oversee the welfare of the boys throughout their time at the School.


It must be one of our aims to work to establish a state of society where the advantages and privileges which hitherto have been enjoyed by only the few shall be far more widely shared by the many, and by the youth of the nation as a whole."Sir Winston Churchill (The Head Master's 18882) addressing the boys at Harrow School in 1940