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Bursaries -Transforming Lives

Many boys at Harrow benefit from our bursaries and scholarship provision; currently a quarter of boys are in receipt of awards in the School. Of these 83 are receiving major funding awards in excess of 50%. This is, in major part, thanks to support from many individual donors to Harrow.

By 2025 the Governors have set the ambition to have 30% of boys on awards averaging 50% of the fees, while greatly increasing the number of high level bursaries. This can be achieved through a combination of fixed-term, 'pay-as-you-go' awards of, say five or ten years duration, or for permanently endowed awards. In the case of such endowed awards, funding of a further £10 million would allow for ten full-fee places forevermore (or a greater number if the awards are split). All awards provide life-changing opportunities to a greater number of boys who can benefit from the advantages of a Harrow education and boarding experience.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Chairman's Bursary Fund has been established to assist families who may be suffering financial hardship at this time to apply for bursary support. This fund currently stands at over £400,000 with a growing number of parents contributing their Summer Term fee reduction to the School. Despite this tremendous effort it has become clear, however, more must be done over the coming months to ensure that we can continue to offer support to a number of Harrow families and thus retain the wonderful mix of boys that makes Harrow so special.

Choosing to give to the Bursaries and Scholarships fund is easy, just choose one of the following options:

Your donation to bursaries and scholarships can be used in a number of different ways:

I Have been extremely gratified by the way my scholars have taken every opportunity given to them and made the most of every moment. The scholarship scheme is a tremendously satisfying part of my life. "

Peter Beckwith (Elmfield 1958³)