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Capital Projects - Building for the Future

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Celebrating our past, refounding our future

Throughout Harrow's history, transformative construction projects have ensured the margin of excellence that distinguishes a Harrow education. The need for inspiring environments for Harrovians is as important today as it has been for the last 450 years. 

An inspiring learning environment for Biology and Chemistry

At Harrow, we aim to lead the way in STEM education, supporting the next generation faced with some of the great challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. This multi-million pound project will build on the School's strong heritage in science and be of significant benefit to both current Harrovians and aspiring scientists and their teachers in our wider community.

Science Building CGI

First page of the PDF file: LectureTheatre

A refurbished dining hall feeding young minds

Originally built in 1976 to feed up to 1,000 boys and staff, the Shepherd Churchill Dining Hall, now caters for over 3,000 meals a day. A substantial, and much-needed refurbishment will not only meet today's needs, but allow for the dining hall to be let out for functions of all types. It will be specially designed for (concurrent) co-use in the holidays by young people facing barriers to progress, as well as commercial lets for corporate events and summer schools. 

A Sports Centre worthy of the greats

Sport has been at the heart of Harrow life for over two centuries. The School has drawn up plans for a substantial new centre able  to meet the needs of a growing 21st century sports programme. The new building, to be built in a later phase of development, will provide training facilities worthy of the greats and be widely available for use by our partner schools and the local community.