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Boys at Harrow are committed to supporting a range of charities through fundraising efforts. Through this work we ensure boys leave Harrow with a full understanding of, and desire to, contribute to the wider world.

Our charitable, outreach and partnership work is central to Harrow School life and is referred to as Shaftesbury Enterprise. Our latest impact report serves as a snapshot of the work that we are doing as a School.

Since 2016 we have raised over £1m to support young in the local community through our annual charity run in which 100% of boys participate; we work with 80 secondary, 19 primary schools and 51 charities and invest over 9,000 hours to support Shaftesbury Enterprise projects and around 10,000 young people use Harrow School facilities.

We are also ambitious to make ourselves as accessible as possible to the local community, including through our bursary programme. We aim to significantly increase the opportunities for boys requiring financial assistance to come to Harrow. We will increase our bursary funding by a further £20m increasing the percentage of boys in receipt of means-tested support from 10% to 30%. Find out how to apply for a scholarship or bursary here.

You can find out more about our Charitable aims here and about our 450th anniversary ambitious development programme here.