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Two years ago, we introduced tablet computers at Harrow, with the aim of enhancing Harrovians’ experience of learning, and entirely replacing desktops across the School.

Through their tablet computers, boys can work independently and on projects, access resources from anywhere in the world, organise their notes, complete activities, assessments and prep, conduct research, and use various digital platforms for collaboration with their peers and beaks (teachers).

Last month, we surveyed boys, parents and teaching staff, to seek their views on the tablet programme. Their responses strongly suggested that all three groups welcomed the introduction of the devices, and that they had been very positive for teaching and learning.

Over two-thirds of parents agreed or strongly agreed that ‘overall, the introduction of [tablet] computers has been positive for my son’ and that they encouraged greater academic collaboration, organisation and independence. A third of parents thought that the tablet devices had led to more academic work being completed in the holidays. Harrovians overwhelmingly welcomed the move, highlighting that they now collaborate more effectively and work with more independence; they also noted that their organisation had improved. Among our teaching staff, the majority noted that boys had become more organised as a result and that they had also improved their collaborative skills.