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The Lady Bourchier Reading Prize

One of the oldest competition's in the history of Harrow School took place on Friday - but for the first time in its history, online.

The Lady Bourchier Reading Prize rewards good reading aloud, clarity of voice, an engaging style and an ability to capture the audience and the first event took place in 1878. This year's final was adjudicated by the novelist Ashley Hickson-Lovence.

The four Junior finalists read from the novel Less by Andrew Sean Greer, followed by poems by Pascale Petit. The five Senior finalists read from the novel The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal, followed by poems by Thomas Hardy.

The winner of the Junior competition was Adiran Inpan and the Senior event was won by William Wauchope. Special mention was given to Remi Jokosenumi for his excellent readings.

The full list of finalists and their poems is:

Adiran Inpan – Green-Bee Eater

Vincent Song – Swamp Deer

Max Morgan – Black Jaguar at Twilight

Netanel Lawrence-Ojo – Hummingbird’s Nest

William Wauchope – The Darkling Thrush

Remi Jokosenumi – I looked up from my writing

Max Morgan – The Echo-Elf Answers

Freddie Strange – The Voice

Indi Abrams – Rain on a Grave