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Shell Project

This year's Shell Project, which is designed to help boys develop independent creative talents, produced an eclectic range of range of designs and ideas.

Every boy in the Shell is given just over three months to research and construct a creation in the fields of art, music, design, drama, technology or digital media.

Submissions are accompanied by a presentation board displaying research, development and refinement of the ideas that led to the final piece of work.

The winner this year was Arturo Saville Mascioni who explained his work:

“I had an idea for the project around two years ago, when I decided to write a script for a stop motion animation. I was very interested in the idea of world building, creating an intricate world for your characters and story to exist in. I came up with a desolate landscape with a house shaped like a giant egg, on stilts, sticking out of the sand. To inhabit this house, I created two characters, with light bulbs as heads. I then made a job for them. They were to maintain the cable car which seems to stretch on forever.

The film I wrote tells the story of the two bulb-people, and their struggles through life, work and death. It focuses on the destruction and renewal of balance, and the replacement of life.”