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Shell Monologue Competition

Every Shell boy took part in the Monologue Competition this year with winners announced just before half term.

All boys in the Shell year at Harrow have Drama lessons as part of their weekly timetable, focusing on core skills including ensemble work, creative expression, and presenting with confidence. They put these skills to use in the Monologue Competition, the final of which took place online.

Before Christmas, every boy in the year group selected, prepared and performed a character monologue, and in early February 17 boys participated in a year-wide final.

Director of Drama, Mr Adam Cross, said: "Each finalist had thought carefully about reinventing their performance for the final’s online format and, together, put across a rich variety of pieces with energy, clarity and detail."

Mr David Kenworthy, Head of Drama at Marlborough College, commended the collective high standard, and gave the following awards:


Rory Grant for King Lear


Tom Leonard for Kes

Hans Patel for The Merchant of Venice