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Shell Lecture Competition

Three finalists took part in this year’s Shell Science Lecture Competition and explored Aurorae, the colour black, and bionic technology.

All Shell boys researched and presented a lecture on a science topic of their own choosing to their Biology beak and division last term. Each beak selected the best one or two from each division to go through to Round 2 which featured lectures from 16 boys.

In the final, Mungo delivered his lecture entitled 'Ultra-black – the Science of the Blackest Black'. The talk linked some very striking instances of ultra-blackness in nature (such as certain birds of paradise, vipers and even black holes) with humanity’s efforts to develop ultra-black materials.

Ahaan's presentation on 'Aurorae' was an informative discourse on the causes of one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena – accompanied, as one might expect, by some beautiful images.

Raulph gave a fascinating and thought-provoking talk on 'Advanced Bionic Technology and the potential it has for Human Augmentation'. The audience was left with an intriguing question to consider: would scientists soon be able to connect non-anthropomorphic bionic limbs to our nervous system?

After much deliberation, however, the winner was announced as Mungo Lawson. All three finalists will receive a Speech Day Prize for their efforts.