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Science Society welcomes Nobel Prize Winner Professor Sir Gregory Winter

This year's Rayleigh Lecture has been delivered to a packed Speech Room by Nobel Prize Winner and eminent scientist Professor Sir Gregory Winter who spoke on 'Harnessing the Power of Evolution'.

Thanks not only to his pioneering research but also to his business sense and commitment to the public good, Professor Winter's work has led to the rapid generation of an entirely new class of therapeutic drugs known as MABS (monoclonal antibodies). Examples of MAB drugs include Humira, which is used to treat a range of auto-immune conditions, and Herceptin for breast cancer. It was his work in researching a new way of creating MABS to enable drugs to be produced more quickly that won him the Nobel Prize.

The Rayleigh Lectures are named after OH John Williams Strutt (later Lord Rayleigh), who left Harrow for Cambridge in 1858, and embarked on a career of scientific research which made significant contributions to the fields of electrodynamics, electromagnetism and optics. He was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize with Sir William Ramsay in 1904 for their discovery of Argon.

Since the inaugural Rayleigh Lecture in 1989 we have been fortunate to welcome speakers including Norman Ramsay, Harry Krotto and Alastair Fothergill.