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Business Lunches online

With a move to online teaching this term, the Careers Department has been looking at innovative ways of raising Harrovians' awareness of different career paths, soft skills and the recruitment process.

Boys will join the department's Business Lunch series online over the next two terms and the first provided an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion on the financial sector for Sixth Form attendees.

The inaugural event was led by John Macpherson (The Grove 19803), Senior Advisor at Lending Block and former CEO of BMLL Technologies where he shared his insights on his route into the financial sector, the importance of key soft skills, and the value of broadening one’s horizons. 

Mr Macpherson’s introduction was broad in scope and detailed, highlighting his experiences as a FinTech CEO and his familiarity with working with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Sixth Former Aakash Aggarwal commented: "Mr Macpherson’s experience and guidance was incredibly insightful." He went on to say: "I valued Mr Macpherson’s concrete advice on succeeding in a career in FinTech and learnt a great deal from his lessons about working in the cutting-edge fields of machine learning and cryptocurrency."

The Business Lunches are designed to be discursive sessions and, characteristically, the boys asked numerous questions eliciting a discussion on the importance of communication skills, how to best enter the financial technology sector, and the significance of learning how to code. 

The School looks forward to welcoming two more Old Harrovians to its Business Lunch series before half-term: Mark Landon (Rendalls 19772), Partner and National Head of Training at Weightmans LLP, and Mark Giffard-Lindsay (The Grove 19822), Founder of Global Action.