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Boys build cutting-edge computer

Boys in the Computer Science Society have built a desktop PC capable of cutting-edge performance, AI emulation, machine-learning and big data science. 

The system is the most powerful machine on the Hill and  provides an ideal platform for Computer Science-based projects over the coming years, enabling engagement with a wide range of projects.

"Given its ability to handle vast workloads, the system will grant unparalleled educational opportunities to all boys interested in AI and big data science, said Dr Chris Crowe, Head of Digital Learning and Computer Science. "This places Harrow as a trailblazer in AI technology and research."

The system has been designed from the ground-up and assembled from carefully-selected bespoke high-end hardware. The typical lifespan of this type of desktop machine is around 10 years, significantly greater than the 3-5 years for a mobile device.

The computer allows many new possibilities for AI learning, neural networking and big data science and will be used to explore real time ray-tracing simulations - a recent breakthrough in hyper-realistic graphics rendering.