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Academic collaborations

In the Autumn Term a new initiative was launched with Notting Hill and Ealing High School for Girls.

Nine Academic Scholars in the Remove joined forces with NHEHS girls to work on a project over the course of the term on Ancient Alexandria.  Each of the nine pairs was given a topic to research within the broader theme together with a source.

Weekly meetings on Teams started with a plenary session followed by discussions and work in breakout rooms on areas ranging from the pioneering female Mathematician Hypatia to the archaeology of the lost cities of Canopus and Heraklion and from Eratosthenes’ calculations of the circumference of the Earth to an analysis of the wide variety of religions which co-existed in Ancient Alexandria. 

Presentations to the group and members of the SMT from both schools bore witness to the impressive research done over the term in this truly collaborative, fun and stimulating academic experience.