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OHs are invited to sign up to OH Connect, the exclusive OH online networking platform


The Harrow Association

The Harrow Association was founded in 1907 to enable Old Harrovians, wherever they are in the world and whatever they are doing, to maintain lifelong connections with the School and with each other.

We have three focus areas; Community; Careers and Employability and Heritage.


Harrovians, whose families have paid a subscription to the Harrow Association during their time at the School, become Harrow Association Members when they leave. Through the Harrow Association, these OH members are invited to re-connect with their fellow alumni through regular House dinners, Songs, overseas dinners and reunions throughout the year and also through the exclusive OH online networking platform OH Connect.

The Harrow Association also work with the numerous OH clubs and societies to ensure OHs are able to continue enjoying their Harrovian pursuits with fellow OHs after they leave.

Careers and Employability

For current boys and recent leavers, the Harrow Association works with the School and OHs from different professions, willing to offer their time and expertise in mentoring or work experience programmes. Through OH Connect, OHs at all stages on their career path, can make these professional connections or offer their help.


There are over 9,000 Harrow Association members across the globe, and no Harrovian leaves the School without a keen understanding of the great influence and achievements of their OH forebears and the Giants of Old before them. The Harrow Association endeavours to celebrate and preserve this heritage.