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Careers Convention

Part of the Harrow Association’s remit is to support current Harrovians with their future career prospects and a key event in this process is the annual School Careers Convention. Large numbers of Old Harrovians, from a wide range of careers, return to the Hill to act as advisors and share their experiences with the boys. 

The event takes place in the Shepherd Churchill Hall and advisors are given an industry specific location, with others from the same profession, from which to talk to the boys. The boys are able to find areas that they are interested in and speak to the delegates from those sectors in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Some advisors set up small stands, others bring a selection of literature to aid discussions while others focus on a relaxed conversation.

If this is something you would be interested in helping with next year then please contact the School Careers Advisor, Michael Wright at wrightmd@harrowschool.org.uk to express your interest.