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With afternoon games five times a week, a choice of nearly 30 different sports, and regular inter-school and inter-House matches, boys are kept healthy and active.

Participation in sport helps Harrovians to grow, learn and enjoy themselves, while nurturing their personal, physical and intellectual skills, and developing healthy minds and bodies. For growing boys, the value of being outside, expending energy and getting stuck into House and School teams is well recognised: through sport, they learn about teamwork and leadership, and how to conduct themselves with integrity. The health and social benefits also remain with them long after School.

Surrounded by acres of sports fields, astroturf pitches, a golf course, a swimming pool, a sports centre, and numerous tennis, rackets and fives courts, we offer a breadth of sporting opportunities to match every interest and ability. Many boys play several sports, and unique occasions like the annual Cricket match versus Eton provide memorable highlights in the calendar. Our extensive and hotly contested inter-House sports programme engages all 12 Houses in varied competitions.

The upper-end of our extensive team list (numbering over 20 in each of our major sports) regularly win county and national championships, and our elite sportsmen have an impressive record of achievement at the highest levels internationally; some go on to enjoy professional careers.

Under the guidance of some of the country’s leading coaches, alongside Harrow's own beaks, boys focus as much on their own effort and improvement as on final scores. Partnerships with professional bodies such as the Saracens Foundation and Queens Park Rangers Football Club further strengthen our sporting programme, along with international tours: destinations have included Malaysia and Australia for Rugby, the USA for Soccer, South Africa for Cricket and Japan for Judo.

Some Harrovians who do not consider themselves athletes when they arrive at the School discover new sports and the talent to play them with great skill and flair. Many continue to enjoy the sporting abilities they discovered at Harrow long after leaving the Hill, taking the lessons they have learnt with them into adulthood.