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John Lyon's Foundation

John Lyon's Foundation is the name given to an educational foundation, comprising three main members (Harrow School, John Lyon School and John Lyon's Charity) and seven connected entities (Harrow Association, Old Lyonian Association, Harrow School Enterprises Limited, Harrow Development Trust, The John Lyon Development Trust, Harrow International Schools Limited and Harrow Educational Investments Limited).

The Foundation is named after John Lyon, a land-owning farmer from the village of Preston in the London Borough of Brent. In 1572, John Lyon was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I to endow a parish school in Harrow on the Hill as a free grammar school for 30 local boys.

The Charter required John Lyon to establish a separate trust to maintain the two roads between London and Harrow. In 1578, John Lyon provided an endowment for that purpose.

In the present day, John Lyon’s Foundation upholds John Lyon’s original charitable intentions by working to improve the prospects of children and young people through educational opportunities.

Three Main Members

Harrow School and John Lyon School are owned by a single charitable corporation known as the Keepers and Governors of the Possessions, Revenues and Goods of the Free Grammar School of John Lyon within the Town of Harrow-on-the-Hill (charity number 310033).

This is referred as “the Corporation”.

The Corporation is the trustee of a separate charity called John Lyon’s Charity (number 237725).

Each of these two charities (the Corporation and John Lyon’s Charity) has its own individual charitable objects that support the common purpose of John Lyon’s Foundation.

Known as the “Foundation Governors”, the charity trustees of the Corporation are the Governors of Harrow School, who appoint the Board of Governors of John Lyon School.

Seven Connected Entities

The Harrow Family of Schools

Collectively, Harrow School, John Lyon School, the Harrow International Schools, the Harrow Innovation Leadership Academies, the Harrow Little Lions (Early Years Centres) and Harrow School Online are known as the Harrow Family of Schools.