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An army marches on its stomach...

Quality catering is vital to the welfare and wellbeing of growing teenage boys. We offer fresh food as much as possible, prepared on-site by our own in-house team. Our menus are evaluated in terms of nutritional content, colour, texture, variety, trends, practicality, quality and price. Click here for a sample menu.


Harrow School is a Christian foundation with the Chapel at its heart. We have two Anglican Chaplains (one is part-time) and one Roman Catholic Chaplain. All boys, except Roman Catholics, attend a School service on Thursday while Roman Catholic boys attend catechism. On Sundays, boys attend a Chapel service, Roman Catholic Mass or (by agreement with their House Masters and the Lead Chaplain) Thought for the Day. Early morning Eucharist is celebrated from Wednesday to Friday. Mass is said on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are optional for boys. For Roman Catholic boys, there are Penitential services in preparation for Christmas and Easter when visiting priests are available to hear confessions. Confessions are also heard on request.

Anglican and Roman Catholic boys can prepare for Confirmation. There are two Anglican Confirmation services a year, in November and May, conducted by the Bishop of London on Advent Sunday (at the end of the Autumn term) and the Bishop of Willesden in Eastertide (during the Summer term). The annual Roman Catholic Confirmation takes place in the Summer term.

Parents are always welcome to attend all services and, in particular, they are warmly invited to attend one of our carol services at the end of the Autumn term.

Between 30 and 40 boys attend Flambards, our weekly Christian meeting, to hear talks and to engage in discussion about the Bible in an informal setting.

We welcome pupils from all religious backgrounds and make provision for their spiritual welfare through employing part-time Chaplains for Judaism and Islam. A Jewish Society supports Jewish pupils and holds a termly Shabbat meal. Boys may return home if it is the custom of the family to keep major days, such as Yom Kippur and other festival days. The Pickthall Society supports Muslim boys who are able to make Friday prayers each week. Marmaduke Pickthall was an Old Harrovian who translated the Quran into English. Special provision is made for those who wish to observe Ramadan. Hindu boys have recently formed a Hindu Society and may go home to keep specific major festivals, especially Diwali.