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An army marches on its stomach...

Quality catering is vital to the welfare and wellbeing of growing teenage boys. We offer fresh food as much as possible, prepared on-site by our own in-house team. Our menus are evaluated in terms of nutritional content, colour, texture, variety, trends, practicality, quality and price. Click here for a sample menu.

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Pastoral Care

Rather than being one single, distinguishable aspect of what we do, comprehensive and effective pastoral care underpins a boy’s entire experience of Harrow.

At its most straightforward, it equates to term-time parenting: guiding, directing, consoling and nurturing, as well as intervening more significantly in times of need. And yet, it is also about enabling each Harrovian to become the best possible version of himself: considerate, perceptive and able to tackle life's challenges head on. Whilst the focus of pastoral care is in the Boarding House, many other people, programmes and platforms play their part too.


  • Experienced and well-supported House teams, who are consistently visible and approachable.

  • The Pastoral Support Committee, which meets four times each week to tackle more profound or persistent pastoral issues, and to shape the training of House teams.

  • A Medical Centre offering 24/7 care and the services of six nurses, three doctors, a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

  • The Chaplaincy, comprising two Anglican and one Roman Catholic Chaplains.

  • A designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead.


  • House-based health education sessions for younger year groups, led by an external expert who also acts as an independent ‘listening ear’.

  • The Choices programme in Remove and Fifth Form, which focuses on working cooperatively in a group and managing conflict.

  • The Advanced Health Education programme in the Sixth Form, which covers a full range of personal, social and health-related issues.

  • Regular parent briefings on topics such as drugs, alcohol, cyber-safety and pornography.

  • A dedicated end-of-year conference on health education matters for Shell boys.

  • Annual social media briefings for the whole School.

  • Peer mentoring delivered by trained senior boys.


  • House Councils that meet regularly and publish minutes.

  • Junior and senior committees for IT and for food.

  • An annual pupil survey, called Living Together, which provides a pupil perspective of life at School and informs our pastoral priorities.