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Full boarding is at the heart of what makes Harrow, Harrow. Every Harrovian lives in one of our 12 Boarding Houses during term time, going home at exeats, half terms and holidays. Masters and their families also live on the Hill. In this environment, there is a real sense of community, built around enriching, long-lasting relationships.Approximately 70 boys live in each House, along with a residential House Master, Assistant House Master and Matron. There are no dormitories: a boy shares his room with a boy of the same age for the first year or two, and thereafter has a room to himself. It is very much his home for the term, where he keeps his belongings, puts up his pictures and gets some hard-earned sleep.

Ostensibly, the House’s primary function is to provide a place for pupils to rest, to relax, to do their prep, to wash and to socialise. Ask any Harrovian, however, and he will tell you (perhaps in more words) that his House fundamentally enriches his educational experience, while a Harrow parent will say that the House system enables the highest level of pastoral care. Under the House Master’s leadership and with the support of numerous other pastoral specialists, the House underpins a boy’s personal and academic development, so that he is prepared to enjoy life and be of good influence after school.

The House Masters keep a watchful eye over the welfare, personal and academic, of every boy in their care. For parents, their son's House Master is their main point of contact, and their son's development is very much a partnership project between pupil, parent and School. We encourage regular communication via phone and email, and parents are very welcome to visit, either to attend an event or fixture, or even simply to take their son out for tea.

'Living in' means that boys can have academic lessons in the evenings, freeing up afternoons, allowing for extra subjects and creating much more time for sport, music, art, drama and other activities. We provide many activities for the boys at the weekends, including sports, expeditions off the Hill, concerts and films. Boys are occasionally allowed to go home for additional exeats, if they have no School commitments. We organise social visits to nearby girls boarding schools and there is a Sixth Form bar and social club.

A full-boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18, 

founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I