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An army marches on its stomach...

Quality catering is vital to the welfare and wellbeing of growing teenage boys. We offer fresh food as much as possible, prepared on-site by our own in-house team. Our menus are evaluated in terms of nutritional content, colour, texture, variety, trends, practicality, quality and price. Click here for a sample menu.


Harrow’s 830 boys each live in one of 12 Houses. The Houses each have a unique character, with their own gardens and facilities, and they inspire fierce loyalty from the boys and from old boys. While appreciating the different characters of the Houses, we ensure that each has a diverse range of boys in terms of their talents, interests and backgrounds. Common to every House is the priority and attention given to pastoral care – a major strength of the School. The House Master, Assistant House Master, Matron, House Tutors and House Visitor form a team to look after the 60 to 70 boys in the House. In addition, the Chaplaincy, the 24/7 Medical Centre, a full-time Clinical Psychologist, two full-time counsellors and a proactive Pastoral Support Committee (that includes three members of the School’s Senior Management Team) provide further layers of nurturing and support. Please click here to read our Aims and Principles of Boarding.

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A full-boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18, 

founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I