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Year 9 Entry

1. Registration

2. Reference

We request a confidential reference from an applicant’s current school at the end of Year 5. If he registers after this point, we will request a reference for him immediately.

3. ISEB Common Pre-Test

Ideally, an applicant should sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test between 1 October and the end of the autumn term of Year 6. The ISEB Common Pre-Test is a standardised, age-adaptive measure of ability and attainment, meaning that an applicant is not disadvantaged by sitting it early in Year 6 or by being young for his year. The Pre-Test is an online assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. It takes approximately two and a half hours to complete and its components can be taken together or at separate times.

We deselect a small number of applicants who do not perform well in the test and invite the strongest applicants to meet House Masters during Year 6. All applicants are interviewed by a House Master when they sit the Harrow Test in Year 7, whether they have met a House Master in Year 6 or not.

Notes for Late Applicants for 2023 entry

Notes for Applicants for 2024 entry

4. The Harrow Test

If an applicant has been successful in the ISEB Common Pre-Test, we invite him to sit the Harrow Test at the School in the autumn term of Year 7. The Harrow Test comprises two 15-minute interviews (one with a House Master and another with a Senior Beak), a computerised English and Maths assessment (one hour in total) and a short written essay (20 minutes).

5. Results

In the first week of December of Year 7, having completed the Harrow Test, an applicant receives one of the following results:

  • A1 List - the offer of a place at the School in a specific House;
  • A2 List - the offer of a place at the School with a House to be confirmed at a later date;
  • B List - the offer of a place on our Waiting List; or
  • C List - no offer.

Offers are subject to a satisfactory performance in either the Common Entrance (CE) or our Academic Scholarship examinations.

6. Common Entrance (CE) or Academic Scholarship