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Year 9 Entry

1. Registration

Please register your son for a place at Harrow by the end of Year 5 or, at the latest, by 1 May of Year 6. Registrations received after this time will be considered Late Applicants. Late Applicants will be competing for fewer places but follow the same application procedure. Applicants at school in Hong Kong and China, please refer to the section below.

Register your son by completing the Year 9 online registration form.

  • You will be able to indicate on the form whether or not you wish your son to apply for a scholarship.
  • An applicant who would only accept a place at Harrow on receipt of a means-tested bursary will be able to indicate this on the form.
  • Upload a copy of the ID page of his passport.
  • Registration will be complete on payment of the non-refundable Registration Fee of £350.

2. Reference

We request a confidential reference from an applicant’s current school at the end of Year 5. If he registers after this point, we will request a reference for him immediately.

3. ISEB Common Pre-Test

The ISEB Common Pre-Test is a standardised, age-adaptive measure of ability and attainment, meaning that an applicant is not disadvantaged by sitting it early in Year 6 or by being young for his year. The Pre-Test is an online assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions in verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and Mathematics. It takes approximately two and a half hours to complete and its components can be taken together or at separate times. Ideally, an applicant should sit the ISEB Common Pre-Test between 1 October and the end of the autumn term of Year 6. 

We deselect a small number of applicants who do not perform well in the test and invite the strongest applicants to meet House Masters during Year 6. All applicants are interviewed by a House Master when they sit the Harrow Test in Year 7, whether they have met a House Master in Year 6 or not.

Notes for Applicants for 2024 entry

4. The Harrow Test

If an applicant has been successful in the ISEB Common Pre-Test, we invite him to sit the Harrow Test at the School in the autumn term of Year 7. The Harrow Test comprises two 15-minute interviews (one with a House Master and another with a Senior Beak), a computerised English and Maths assessment (one hour in total) and a short written essay (20 minutes).

5. Results

In the first week of December of Year 7, having completed the Harrow Test, an applicant receives one of the following results:

  • A1 List - the offer of a place at the School in a specific House;
  • A2 List - the offer of a place at the School with a House to be confirmed at a later date;
  • B List - the offer of a place on our Waiting List; or
  • C List - no offer.

Offers are subject to a satisfactory performance in either the Common Entrance (CE) or our Academic Scholarship examinations.

6. Common Entrance (CE) or Academic Scholarship