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Year 12 Entry

Each year, the School admits up to 20 boys into Year 12, who are normally aged 16.

We welcome applications from boys who:

  • are likely to be predicted at least seven or eight passes at GCSE (or equivalent) at grade 7/8/9 (A/A*);
  • will thrive in a full-boarding environment and make the most of the opportunities offered at the School;
  • will make a positive contribution to the life of the School, both inside and outside the classroom;
  • are talented in their academic studies, or in sport, the arts or another activity; and
  • have a good behavioural record and the potential to show leadership.

Please see the Key Dates page for specific dates.

1. Application

Applicants at schools in the United Kingdom and overseas (excluding Hong Kong and China): Apply by early September of Year 11



Please register your son for a place at Harrow by early September of Year 11. Registrations received after this time will be considered Late Applicants. Late Applicants will be competing for fewer places but follow the same application procedure. Applicants at school in Hong Kong and China, please refer to the section below.

Register your son by completing the online registration form.

Please access the online form using the link from this page only and not those offered by a third party.

  • You will be able to indicate on the form whether or not you wish your son to apply for a scholarship.
  • An applicant who would only accept a place at Harrow on receipt of a means-tested bursary will be able to indicate this on the form.
  • Registration will be complete on payment of the non-refundable Registration Fee of £350.

You will also be required to upload the following documents:

  • his curriculum vitae, detailing any special academic achievements and extra-curricular interests; 
  • a one-page handwritten letter to the Head Master, in which he explains why he would like to come to the School; 
  • a copy of his most recent school report, including a brief explanation of his school’s grading and reporting system, if this is not printed on the report itself;
  • a copy of the ID page of his passport.

2. Testing

Strong applicants who are invited for testing choose four subjects in which they would like to be assessed. These must be subjects that they intend to study in the Sixth Form at Harrow.

3. Offers

We make offers to Standard Applicants in the December of Year 11 and to Late Applicants in the March of Year 11.