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Scholarships And Bursaries

Financial support is available to boys via a means-tested bursary and is not necessarily dependent on being awarded a scholarship.


A scholarship is an award for excellence in academic study, the arts or sport. A scholarship award serves primarily as an acknowledgement of a boy's achievement.

Boys are invited to compete for one or more of the following awards: Academic, Sport, Drama, Music, Art and Design and Technology, for entry into either Year 9 or Year 12. They are highly competitive and carry a value of 5% of the School fees. You will be able to indicate on the online application form the scholarship(s) for which your son will be applying.

Awards are made on an overall assessment, which takes into account:

  • a boy's character and suitability for boarding;
  • his academic ability and potential;
  • the needs of the School; and
  • the field of boys applying.


Many boys at Harrow benefit from our bursary provision. Bursary support is considered for strong candidates upon application to the School.

We strongly recommend that you inform us of your need for a bursary when making your application to the School. This will not disadvantage your son's application in any way. However, some candidates may be asked to achieve a scholarship to be eligible for a bursary. You will be able to indicate on the online application form the level of bursarial assistance you would require for your son to come to Harrow.

In addition to our bursary provision, there is a number of specific financial awards that are granted to boys who fulfil set criteria. These are outlined below.