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Financial support is available to boys via a means-tested bursary and is not necessarily dependent on being awarded a scholarship.

Many boys at Harrow benefit from our means-tested bursary provision. Bursary support is considered for strong candidates upon application to the School. Bursaries can be awarded either independent from or dependent on obtaining a scholarship.

We strongly recommend that you inform us of your need for a bursary when making your application to the School. This will not disadvantage your son's application in any way. You will be able to indicate on the online registration form the level of bursarial assistance you would require for your son to come to Harrow, as a percentage of the School fee.

In addition to our bursary provision, there are a number of specific financial awards that are granted to boys who fulfil set criteria. These are outlined below. All financial awards and bursaries are means-tested.

How to apply

For entry into Year 9, please complete the online registration form and indicate on it your need for a bursary.