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Sixth Form Entry

Each year, the School admits up to 20 boys into the Sixth Form (Year 12), who are normally aged 16.

We welcome applications from boys who:

  • are likely to be predicted at least seven or eight passes at GCSE (or equivalent) at grade 7/8/9 (A*/A);
  • will thrive in a full boarding environment and make the most of the opportunities offered at the School;
  • will make a positive contribution to the life of the School, both inside and outside the classroom;
  • are talented in their academic studies, or in sport, the arts or another activity; and
  • have a good behavioural record and the potential to show leadership.

1. Application




Applicants should apply in Year 11.

Our Sixth Form Application Form asks an applicant for information about his academic achievements and his proposed A-level subjects, which will include the subjects in which he would like to be assessed as part of his application. An applicant should complete this form and return it to the Admissions Office by the deadline given in our Key Dates, along with:

  • his curriculum vitae, detailing any special academic achievements and extra-curricular interests; 
  • a one-page handwritten letter to the Head Master, in which he explains why he would like to come to the School; 
  • a copy of his most recent school report, including a brief explanation of his school's grading and reporting system, if this is not printed on the report itself;
  • a copy of the ID page of his passport; and
  • the £325 Registration Fee.

Applications that arrive incomplete or filled in incorrectly cannot be processed, so it is important that the documentation submitted is correct and complete.

Strong applicants are invited to take two academic tests. If we decide not to progress an application to the testing stage, we will refund 50% of the Registration Fee.

Applicants Applying for a Scholarship and/or Bursary

Sixth Form Scholarships, worth 5% of the School fees, are awarded for academic, musical, artistic or sporting  ability. They can be supplemented with a means-tested Bursary, and these together can cover up to 100% of the full School fee. To apply for a Sixth Form Scholarship and/or Bursary a candidate should download a Scholarship and Bursary Application Form and submit this, together with the Sixth Form Application Form and the other application documents listed above.

If an applicant would accept a place at the School, irrespective of whether or not he is awarded a Scholarship or Bursary, the £325 Registration Fee should be paid. 

An applicant who would only accept a place at the School on receipt of a Bursary should pay the non-refundable £50 Scholarship Application Fee.

Applicants at Schools in Hong Kong and China

An applicant at school in Hong Kong should register with Ms Battie Fung at Academic Asia.
An applicant at school in China should register with UK Boarding Schools Admissions Service or visit
Please contact these representatives for details of our admissions process in these locations.

late applicants

We consider a second round of applications in the spring term of Year 11.  Boys who apply at this time will need to be particularly strong as there are likely to be fewer places available.

Strong applicants are invited for testing. If we decide not to progress an application to the testing stage, we will refund 50% of the applicant's Registration Fee. 


2. Testing

An applicant chooses three subjects in which he would like to be tested as part of his assessment (these must be subjects that he intends to study in the Sixth Form at Harrow).

Applicants at Schools in the United Kingdom

An applicant sits tests in two of his three chosen subjects, either at his school or at a dedicated test session at Harrow, during the autumn term of Year 11. We request a reference from his current head teacher, which should arrive by early November at the latest. We will then invite a shortlist of boys to an assessment day at Harrow later that month. At this point, an applicant sits the third test, has interviews with the Head Master and the Registrars, and attends a seminar with the Head of Subject of one of our academic departments.

Applicants at Schools Overseas (Excluding Hong Kong and China)

When we are in receipt of an application, we request a confidential reference from an applicant’s current school. Providing that the overall application is sufficiently strong, we ask an applicant to arrange to sit a test in two of the subjects that he proposes to take at A-level; these tests can be taken at his current school or at an alternative test centre. We then invite a shortlist of boys to come to the School for a further assessment over a Friday night and Saturday in November. During this visit, an applicant sits the third test, has interviews with the Head Master and the Registrars, and attends a seminar with a Head of Subject of one of our academic departments.

3. Offers

We make offers in the December of Year 11. If an applicant is offered a Sixth Form place at the School, his parents are asked to pay a deposit, details of which can be found on the Fees and Deposits page.