Sharing Best Practice

Sharing Best Practice

Last week, Harrow hosted four visitors from Philips Exeter Academy: John Blackwell (Instructor in Science and Director of the Grainger Observatory), Kadeiene Peterson (Instructor in Science), Josh Peterson (Football and Track Coach) and Duncan Holcomb (Instructor in English)

Situated in New Hampshire, Philips Exeter is one of the leading American independent schools, famous for alumni such as Gore Vidal, Dan Brown and Mark Zuckerberg, and for its record in innovation in teaching and learning. It is perhaps most famous for the invention of the Harkness method, a student-centred technique for learning developed during the 1930s, in which students learn from each other, in discussions around circular Harkness Tables, mediated rather than led by their teachers.  

Harrow has had an exchange with Exeter for many years, driving innovation at both schools through the exchange of ideas and the observation of other practices inside and outside the classroom. During this visit, our guests observed lessons, met with members of the Senior Management Team, discussed the teaching of their disciplines with Heads of Subject, learned about the Harrovian Association and the work of the Harrow Development Trust, and joined a wide range of society meetings, concerts, rehearsals, games practices and matches.

Three Harrow Masters will visit Philips Exeter for the second half of the exchange during the Easter holidays. 

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