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Rackets Campaign


Harrow is proud to be the first school to play Rackets.  It was also the first school to build a covered court for the game in 1865, largely thanks to the generosity of OH Sir William Hart-Dyke (The Grove 1851³), Harrow's first rackets champion. We're also proud that Harrow has won more titles at the Public Schools Rackets’ Competition at Queen’s Club than any other school in recent decades. 


A testament to the importance of Rackets at Harrow is the unparalleled success that Old Harrovians have had also. Since the end of World War II, Old Harrovians have collected more than 100 championships.  Find out more about our Old Harrovian Rackets successes here


However, to maintain Harrow’s proud tradition in the game, the School needs to bring the Rackets Courts and facilities up to the best of modern standards, so we are committed to an improvement plan as follows:

the lower rackets court

will be renovated and resurfaced to a standard size, enabling it to be used for inter-school and national tournaments.

the lobby area

will be redesigned to create a more attractive welcome area with exhibition space for pupils and visitors. 

the shared rackets and fives changing rooms

will be refurbished and extended, bringing them up to a standard suitable for hosting tournaments. 

The cost of the Rackets project is not insignificant, estimated at £1 million.  The School has limited resources to cover the cost of capital repairs such as this.  At this point, we are happy to report that well over 50% has already been donated or promised.  We would like to ask OH players, parents of players and other supporters of the game to help us raise the remaining funds,  as was the case in 1865 and again in 1965, when the second ‘New Court’ at Harrow was built.