Public Examination Results 2018

Public Examination Results 2018

A-Level Results
The A-level results of Harrow boys in the last two years have been the best in the School’s history. This year, after some early marking reviews, the A* rate currently stands at more than 31%, while the A*A rate is 65%.

28 boys achieved three or more A* or equivalent grades, and three quarters achieved grades of ABB or better.

University Places
Nineteen boys took up places at Oxford (12) and Cambridge (7). Other popular university destinations were Edinburgh (16), Exeter (13), UCL (13), Durham (10) and Newcastle (10).

Eighteen boys will take up places at universities in the United States, including Yale, Stanford and Chicago. Overall, nearly a quarter of last year’s applicants will take up places at universities ranked in the top ten in the world.

GCSE Results
At GCSE, numerical grades were awarded in ten of the 28 subjects taken by Harrovians, making comparisons with previous years more difficult. Overall, however, the proportion of grades awarded at 9, 8, 7, A* and A was more than 84% - a two percentage point increase on last year.

Approximately one third of the year group achieved nine or more A* grades, and more than half gained seven or more, typically from ten subjects.