Fives v Eton College

Fives v Eton College

Seniors Won 2 - 1

A terrific day for our senior players, with a win for our second and thirds pairs. Anton Smith (The Head Master’s) and Anthony Cho (Elmfield) put in a strong performance to win at second pair, while Rishi Wijeratne (The Head Master’s) and Panav Patel (Elmfield) also proved too strong for their opponents at third.

Colts Lost 2 - 1
Fred Prickett (The Park) and Caleb Efemuai (Newlands) played some excellent Fives at second pair, winning 3 - 0. Both showed great match awareness, combined with some intelligent cuts at crucial times.

Junior Colts Won 2 - 0 
Jonathan Barley (The Grove) and Phoenix Ashworth (The Head Master’s) won 3 - 0 at first pair. John Richardson (Elmfield) and Nathan Shepard (The Park) also won 3 - 0 at second pair. Both pairs played with a real sense of purpose. 

Yearlings Won 3 - 0
Alonso Fontana (The Grove) and Adam Mohd (Lyon’s) won 3 - 0 at first pair and remain unbeaten. They have also improved with more consistency from the back court, in particular, and work very well as a pair. Leo Gordon Pullar (Newlands) and Casper Stone (The Park) played some aggressive volleying and ran out worthy winners 2 - 1 at second pair. Veer Patel (The Knoll) and Alex Seely (The Head Master’s) also won comfortably in the end, after a slow start.