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Bursaries and Scholarships


Many boys at Harrow benefit from our bursaries and scholarship provision; currently a quarter of all boys are receiving some level of financial assistance, while more than 70 receive major funding awards. This is, in major part, thanks to support from many individual donors to Harrow. 

Our aim, in the short term, is to increase our bursary funding further. This can be achieved through a combination of fixed-term, 'pay-as-you-go' awards of, say five or ten years duration, or for permanently endowed awards. In the case of such endowed awards, funding of a further £10 million would allow for ten full-fee places forevermore (or a greater number if the awards are split). All awards provide life-changing opportunities to a greater number of boys who can benefit from the advantages of a Harrow education and boarding experience.   

Choosing to give to the Bursaries and Scholarships fund is easy, just choose one of the following options:

Your donation to bursaries and scholarships can be used in a number of different ways:

the peter beckwith scholarship fund

One of the most successful of all the School's bursary awards is the Peter Beckwith Scholarship Fund which has entered its 25th year. We are celebrating this with a campaign to replenish the fund back to its original level of £4 million. The scheme pays for two boys each year to go from a state primary school to a prep school for two years and then on to Harrow. Peter Beckwith Scholars are good all-rounders showing academic potential and abilities in extra-curricular areas. Find out more about the campaign.

Harrow Awards fund

This is a permanent endowment fund which is the main source of Harrow School's support for bursaries and scholarships.  The investment return from this fund is used to meet the cost of bursaries and scholarships for boys who would be unable to attend the School without this financial assistance. 

old harrovians bursary fund

Donations to this fund are used to provide bursarial support for the pupils with a Harrovian connection who merit financial support.

foundation award fund

The Foundation Award Fund is a permanent endowment fund which has been established to provide a substantial level of support (95% or more) to boys from a state school background who would benefit from a Harrow School education. The aim of the bursary is to widen access to Harrow School for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Currently, as least one pupil a year is awarded this bursary but the intention is for the annual intake to be gradually increased.