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Fees and Other Information


The School's fee for the academic year 2015/2016 is £12,050 per term (£36,150 per annum) and includes board, tuition, textbooks, a stationery allowance and laundry. For any subject requiring additional tuition, there is an extra charge. Payment is in advance and due in full by the first day of term. The preferred method of payment is direct debit. 


Once a pupil has been offered a guaranteed place, his parents are asked to pay a deposit of £3,000. £1,500 is returnable at the end of the first term, with the remaining £1,500 deducted from the final bill. If a potential Year 9 entrant fails the Common Entrance examination or is advised by his prep school to withdraw in the expectation that he will not reach the required standard, this deposit is refunded in full. For administrative reasons, there is an additional deposit of £12,000 for pupils where at least one parent resides overseas. This sum is refunded with the final bill, or if a pupil is withdrawn prior to 1 April in the proposed year of entry.

Information for applicants AT schools outside the UK

  • Approximately 20% of boys at Harrow live overseas. About half of those who join at 13 went to a UK prep school from age 11. This can help them to improve their spoken and written English, to become more familiar with our curriculum and to prepare them for many aspects of life at a British boarding school. 
  • All boys offered a place in Year 9 entry are required to take Common Entrance to confirm their place. Boys from overseas schools that do not follow the Common Entrance syllabus are only required to take a limited range of papers in the core subjects. Applicants do not need to have studied French or Latin previously.
  • All pupils for whom English is an additional language are assessed without charge to determine any assistance they may need. Any extra English lessons are charged to parents. 
  • Pupils without a British or EU passport must possess a Tier 4 Child Student visa for entry to the UK. The Admissions Office will offer more guidance about this when an applicant is offered a place.

Information for Feeder Schools 

  • If you would like copies of our prospectus, the Harrow Newsletter or our arts calendar, click here to email the Admissions Office (open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday) or call 020 8872 8007. 
  • The Registrar and our House Masters welcome informal visits to prep schools or opportunities to represent Harrow at your Senior Schools events. Our academic departments offer lectures, seminars or practical sessions, and are available to meet more informally, both on and off the Hill. Our Director of Studies, Jesse Elzinga, is available to meet with prep school colleagues to discuss matters related to the curriculum or Common Entrance. Several of our Masters regularly give sermons at prep schools. Click here to email the Registrar for more information. 
  • Prep School Music Days take place in Speech Room every October. For more information, click here to email the Director of Music, David Woodcock, or call 020 8872 8185.
  • Rugby Skills Sessions are held on various afternoons throughout the year. They usually includes a tour of the School, swimming and tea. For more information, click here to email the Director of Sport, Jesse Coulson, or call 020 8872 8304.
  • Guided tours of the Old Speech Room Gallery (OSRG) are available on request. For more information, click here to email the OSRG Curator, Julia Walton, or call 020 8872 8205.