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Fees & Charges


The School's fee for the academic year 2013/2014 is £11,095 per term (£33,285 per annum) and includes board, tuition, textbooks, a stationery allowance and laundry. For any subject requiring additional tuition, there is an extra charge. Payment is in advance and due in full by the first day of term. The preferred method of payment is direct debit. Parents wishing to make lump sum fee payments in advance may like to consider the advanced fee scheme. For more information, please contact the Scheme Administrator, Mrs Cece Walker, via or 020 8872 8503.


Once a pupil has been offered a guaranteed place, his parents are asked to pay a deposit of £3,000. £1,500 is returnable at the end of the first term, with the remaining £1,500 deducted from the final bill. If a potential Year 9 entrant fails the Common Entrance examination or is advised by his prep school to withdraw in the expectation that he will not reach the required standard, this deposit is refunded in full. For administrative reasons, there is an additional deposit of £11,000 for pupils where at least one parent resides overseas. This sum is refunded with the final bill, or if a pupil is withdrawn prior to 1 April in the proposed year of entry.